• Do you want to become a follow up expert so you can easily get more clients and close more sales? If that’s what you want, but you don’t know how to get there, then my coaching programs are for you!
  • What you learn in these programs are systems that will make getting sales much easier because you’ll know exactly how and when to follow up. You'll also learn systems that will make you an expert at taking care of your relationships.
  • Relationship management is an extension of follow up and is crucial in business. It’s been said that the most successful sales people have the best systems and the best relationships. I’ve got you covered on both.
  • If you’re tired of struggling with your follow up work and are ready for change then sign up now! Choose from group coaching or 1-on-1 private coaching with me.


  • How to easily use a CRM for follow up purposes ...
  • How to clear the business card stack on your desk and prevent it from building again / implement a networking strategy for effective follow up ...
  • Follow up time management / implement a daily follow up action plan ...
  • How to follow up when you’re being ignored without being pushy ...
  • How to consistently stay in touch so you don’t neglect important relationships ...
  • Scripting so you know what to say and how to say it ...
  • How to create a thank you system for closed business and referrals ...
  • Define and identify your VIP’s and create an appreciation system so you’re taking care of your best ...


(1) Initiation Call

(2) Private Coaching Sessions

The group calls are every other Wednesday at the following times:

9:00 PST or 1:00 PST

10:00 MST or 2:00 MST

11:00 CST or 3:00 CST

12:00 EST or 4:00 EST

It’s a rotating program so you can join at any time and not miss a call.

Complete the questionnaire and schedule a call with Wanda to discuss how she can support you with her Group Coaching Program.

This is a personalized program that will be focused on implementing systems, processes and strategies that will increase your sales and strengthen your relationships.


  • Initiation Call
  • Private coaching calls
  • Participation in the Follow Up Sales Mastery Group Coaching Program detailed above.

Complete the questionnaire and schedule a call with Wanda to discuss how she can support you with her Platinum Private Coaching Program.



Wanda has guided me to a 20% improvement in just 3 months and has made me more efficient on my productive activities. By systematically stripping away the roadblocks and distractions, she shortens the course to success.”

Andrew S., Home Equity Retirement Officer

Finance of America Mortgage

“After implementing the systems I learned in Wanda's coaching program, I tripled my sales and bought a new home within one year. Her coaching is great!”

Kathleen N., Business Development Officer, Herman Miller

“Wanda spoke at a local event and I immediately put her tips to use. Then, I hired her for coaching. I was “slipping and sliding” without a clear action plan for follow up. Wanda helped me get a system in place on how to best use my network to ask for new business and follow up with new contacts. She also helped me reach out to previous contacts in a way that made sense. I am now fully booked with clients.”

Elaine Marshall, President

Empowered Public Relations

"Wanda is a talented, passionate and a deeply committed follow up coach. She espouses certain time tested principles to be successful in sales. Her approach is comprehensive, methodical and data driven. Directly or indirectly, I’ve held a sales role for over 25 years and yet still learned a lot from her coaching. You will too!"

Stephen R. Perry

Managing Director

Janes Capital Partners

“I run two fitness studios and desperately needed a system so I could keep track of new customers, leads and other important tasks. Before Wanda’s coaching program, I had people falling through the cracks which resulted in a huge loss of business. I learned valuable strategies from Wanda that I could immediately put into practice. As a result, I got 22 new customers the first month after Wanda's coaching program ended. Her coaching is a life changer.”

Donna Braunreiter, Jazzercise

Premier Center Owner

“I have been a solar sales consultant for six years and I’ve never had a process for my follow ups. After just a few sessions with Wanda, my follow up process is completely dialed in, precise and automatic. My business has tripled in six months and I’m considering only taking referrals because I can’t handle the increased lead volume. I’m not sure where I would be without Wanda’s advice and attention to my specific situation.”

Dave Gersz, Solar PV Specialist

Stellar Solar

In the first week of participating in Wanda’s coaching program, I made over $7,500 that I wouldn’t have made without using her system. During her 6 month program, I made well over $15,000 as a result of what I learned. Her systems are easy to use and they work! I highly recommend her coaching program! If you have any questions about Wanda or her program, please feel free to call me at (310) 961-6136.”

Laura Bruno, ACP, CPBA

Laura Bruno & Associates

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